New episode of Milk Carton TV

Episode 5: Greg the Bunny

For those who didn’t know (which I’m assuming is most of you), I’m a semi-regular part of the Milk Carton TV crew. It’s a podcast where we geek out about shows that got cancelled, or at least ended prematurely, with a buttload of tangents inbetween. It’s a fun show, a good laugh and there’s always some interesting ideas and points of view on whatever we’re discussing.

I wasn’t part of the crew on the latest episode, since I haven’t seen “Greg the Bunny”, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give this latest episode of the podcast a listen. Hell, if anything, my absence probably did wonders for the quality.

Pop on over and have a listen. In the future, I’ll post links to episodes of Milk Carton TV and the other podcast I’m involved with, the Critical Myth Podcast. ‘Till then, enjoy.


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